San Francisco's home for Electo Swing and Boom Swing, the new dance [R]evolution!

Heist a caravan of gypsy swing. Smother it with a truckload of Booming House beats. Blend on high until it's frothing at the mouth. Pour the sweet, sizzling elixir onto a dance floor. And what do you get?

Electric Swing Set!

Electro Swing is a combination of the driving boom base of electro and the back beat and horns of swing. The genious is in the skillful combination of house and swing, two musical genre's that were specifically designed to make you move! It's like the Reese's Peanutbutter Cup of dance.

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The dancehall is wall to wall with well-coiffed Swing Cats and Kittens. Lights from a twirling disco ball sparkle on the elegant curves of martini glasses. The air is thick with the sound of a hot horn section.


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In the distance, tribal natives are restless. Pouring out of the concrete jungle. Pounding drums shake the earth. Martini glasses rattle in time with the throbbing beats from... subwoofers?

You got it daddy-o! Electric SwingSet is the skillful blending of House and Swing - two great dance beats that jive great together!



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The dancable joy of Swing + the pulsating rhythms of Electro = Electro Swing!


Hear DJ Damien's set from our Jan '14 debut online now!


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